Behavioral Health Screening and Resilience Curriculum


Please contact us for information on bringing our resilience screeners and curricula to your schools and communities.

For Healthcare Providers

The UCLA Division of Population Behavioral Health offers screening options for healthcare providers through their Behavioral Health Checkup Platform.

For Schools

Resilience Screener and Wellness Check In: Two web-based screening tools for students. The Resilience Screener, is designed to support school mental health outreach efforts and raise school-level awareness of the impact of stress on student well-being. The Wellness Check In is more in depth and can help direct resources to the students most in need of extra supports and interventions. Self-report screening occurs in grades 5-12, teacher-report screening is available for students in grades 1-4.

Resilience Classroom Curriculum: In conjunction with our screening tools, we offer a variety of school-based programs to support resilience of students, teachers, and parents. One such program is the Resilience Classroom Curriculum for grades 1-12. This curriculum (adjusted for different ages) consists of nine interactive modules in five resilience-building skills: Emotional Regulation, Communication, Goal Setting, Problem Solving, and Managing Stress Reminders. Based on evidence from our clinical programs, it utilizes a strengths-based approach to help students manage stressors.