What Is Resilience?
Resilience is the ability to cope with, adapt to, and overcome challenges.

Building Resilience

A person’s resilience can be worn down by stress over time or after extremely challenging events. Luckily, resilience can also be made stronger by support systems, such as a supportive family. Resilience skills can be taught across the family to strengthen both the family as a whole as well as the individual family members.

What makes families more resilient?

Resilient families tend to

  • Solve problems collaboratively and respectfully
  • Hold a positive outlook about life
  • Connect children with other helpful and caring adults through extracurricular activities, community programs, or time spent with extended family members or neighbors
  • Use clear and fair parenting strategies that consider child development
  • Express feelings openly
  • Manage difficult emotions with a variety of healthy coping tools
  • Engage in positive social interactions with peers and friends
  • Have clear roles that help kids know what to expect

How can I build resilience for my family?

Parents and kids can be taught specific skills and strategies that can enhance their ability to cope with and adapt to life challenges. Strengthening these skills can help families feel better prepared when challenges come their way and may help them recover more quickly after a stressful or traumatic event. Some people find that coming to therapy, either as an individual or as a family, can help them learn the tools they need to become more resilient.

To learn more about helping children build resilience, please visit our parents’ page here.