The UCLA CARES Center wants to help you and your family start 2018 on the right foot! Here are 31 things you can do each day starting in January or any time throughout the year, to help your family have a calm and connected 2018. Click on each item to view resources from CARES and around the web. These tips can help you build skills that will serve you well all year long!

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  1. Create your calm down routine.

  2. Just breathe.

  3. Practice self-compassion. 

  4. Remember the importance of spending quality time as a family.  

  5. Make time for family dinner.

  6. Create a bedtime routine that facilitates good sleep.

  7. Be curious about your child.

  8. Focus on the positive.  

  9. Engage in intentional self-care.  

  10. Remember the power of praise.

  11. Keep work stress from following you home.  

  12. Practice mindfulness in everyday situations.   

  13. Breathe deeply.   

  14. Feel more gratitude. 

  15. Start small. Restart even smaller.

  16. Stay mindful, even in tough situations.  

  17. Start a conversation.  

  18. Consider your child’s developmental stage.  

  19. Remember – you are not alone.  

  20. Make time for yourself.  

  21. Identify what makes you clench your fists.  

  22. Get up and get moving.  

  23. Set some goals.

  24. Discuss family strengths and have fun together.   

  25. Try at-home meditation with your child.  

  26. Remember that it’s okay to make mistakes.  

  27. Help your family build resilience.  

  28. Make your praise specific and descriptive.  

  29. Take 5 minutes to feel grounded and calm.  

  30. Know the difference between anxiety and stress.  

  31. Focus on your relationships with others.