CARES Newsletter

December 2018

News: Happy holidays from CARES!  |  Great Reads: How to deal with feeling bad about your feelings from Greater Good Magazine  |  Helpful Tips: Healthy social media for the holiday break

October 2018

News: Wasserman Serve Day!  |  Great Reads: How to Select a Qualified Therapist  |  Helpful Tips: Action Calendar-Optimistic October 2018

September 2018

News: Strong Together/Fuertes Juntos  |  Great Reads from Dr. Robin Berman  |  Helpful Tips: Talking with your kids about disasters

August 2018

Blog: Navigating new school year fears  |  News:  Welcoming 107th Street Elementary School  |  Great Reads from Dr. John Piacentini  |  Watch & Learn:  How Back to School Stress Affect Students & Families

July 2018

News: Training with CARES!  |  Great Reads from American Psychological Association  |  Helpful Tips: Mindful conflict resolution

June 2018

Blog: How parents can be their child's best stress management coach  |  News: CARES brings mindful self-compassion to future teachers at UCLA  |  Great Reads on Mindfulness apps  |  Helpful Tips: Practicing self compassion

May 2018

Blog: Are we facing an anxiety epidemic?  |  News: CARES attends Burbank wellness symposium  |  Great Reads from Center for Healthy Minds  |  Helpful Tips: When does fear become problematic?

April 2018

Blog: Social Media and Anxiety  |  News: Fuertes Juntos/Strong Together Graduates  |  Great Reads from Edutopia  |  Helpful Tips: Getting to Green

March 2018

Blog: It Takes a Team  |  News: CARES visits Joyner Elementary  |  Watch & Learn: Why meditation is just like riding a bike  |  Helpful Tips: Parent-Teacher Conference Worksheet

February 2018

News: Lights, Camera, Action!  |  Great Reads from the New York Times  |  Helpful Tips: FOCUS on the Go!