CARES Staff Contributes to Reimagine Education Conference

The UCLA CARES Team joined educators and community stakeholders from across the country at the UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools’ inaugural event: “Reimagine Education” on November 9, 2017. During the conference, Managing Director Kate Sheehan, LCSW, and Outreach Coordinator, Esmeralda Melgoza, MPH hosted an outreach table to raise awareness about CARES’ innovative school-based programs piloting across Los Angeles. These programs teach children, parents, and educators to lower stress and trauma levels, increase resilience, and build emotion regulation and communication skills. As part of the CARES mission to affect change regardless of locality, these programs will eventually be scaled beyond our local communities. CARES Affiliated Faculty Dr. Sheryl Kataoka also joined a panel alongside other education experts. She discussed the importance of supporting good mental health in schools and how this support impacts individuals, families, and the community at large. Her insights contributed to the conference's larger theme of discussing innovative strategies to empower students and strengthen a public education system that promotes respect, tolerance, and resilience.