COVID-19 Resources for Staying Resilient

We are continually adding new resources to keep you and your family informed about the best ways to stay resilient during this time. 


CARES Tips for the Mattel Playroom

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From CARES Experts

Helping Kids Manage Anxiety During a Pandemic (Ayudando a los niños manejar la ansiedad durante una pandemia)

Staying Calm and Connected During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Video Games Can Help

Keeping Connected While Social Distancing

Social Media Privileges During COVID-19

COVID-19: Mental Health and Isolation - Interview featuring Kate Sheehan, LCSW 

As the pandemic spreads, here's how to stay calm - Dr. Piacentini interviewed for The Orange County Register

Dr. John Piacentini discusses how to manage your mindset during the coronavirus pandemic on NBC LA 

Tips for Getting the Most Out of on Online Therapy Session 


Other Resources We Like


Relaxation & Mindfulness from CARES

Butterfly Breath - A breathing technique that people of all ages can use

Soothing with Our Senses - A self-soothing technique to help yourself feel more calm and relaxed


Family Activities from CARES

Family Flags - An opportunity to work together on a creative project that describes and symbolizes your family

My Child's Time - Tips for spending quality time with your child