What is Anxiety


Anxiety is something everyone feels. Anxiety can make your heart race, your palms sweat, or maybe your stomach a little upset. These things can happen when you are afraid, worried, or nervous.

For example, you might feel anxious:

  • On the first day of school
  • Before you take a test
  • When you try something new
  • When you meet someone for the first time

Sometimes, kids and teens can have too much anxiety. It might make them want to stay home from school, have a hard time sitting still, or feel sad. It can even make it difficult to make friends.

If any of these feelings sound familiar, there are lots of things out there to help! You can learn ways to cope with these anxious feelings. Your parents and other family members can be a big help, too. They can also learn new skills to help you manage your feelings of stress and anxiety at home and at school.

Learn more about talking with your parents about your feelings.

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