Questions to Ask a New Therapist

Questions to Ask a New Therapist

Meeting a new therapist for the first time can be stressful or maybe even scary. Don’t worry, your therapist is there to help you learn skills to deal with challenges and to help you feel better. Here are some tips to help you get to know your therapist better and figure out if they are a good fit for you.

Will my parents come to my sessions? If not, will you tell them what we do and talk about?

Some therapists may ask your parents or other important adults in your life to join your sessions at some times. You can talk to your therapist about when and why this would happen. You can also ask your therapist about privacy – what things they will keep private and what things might be shared with your parents.

Will I have therapy homework between sessions? How much and how often?

Many therapists will assign “homework” for you to do between visits. This usually means practicing the skills that you are learning in session. Ask your therapist what you can expect.

How long will I have to go to therapy?

The length of time you will go to therapy will depend on different things, so there is usually no definite answer. But your therapist may be able to tell you about how long and how you will both know when it’s time to finish.

What will I be doing in my therapy sessions?

Some therapists might use games or arts and crafts in their sessions, while others might spend more time helping you talk or write about your feelings. Your therapist might teach you specific skills to help you manage your anxiety, then help you practice using these skills in situations that make you anxious. You can ask your therapist about what you will do and talk about in session. It may also help to tell your therapist which activities make you more or less comfortable.