Recognizing and Managing Anxiety in the Classroom

The DMH + UCLA Prevention Center of Excellence – a vast Los Angeles County training initiative – commissioned CARES to create Recognizing and Managing Anxiety in the Classroom. This innovative, interactive online learning experience reveals common scenarios in k-12 schools for students struggling with anxiety.

The course follows four different students (2nd grade through 12th grade) as they navigate their schoolday fighting against perfectionism, intrusive worries, debilitating social fears, and separation anxieties. Learners choose how to address students’ struggles and then see their choices play out. Expert commentary guides educators to evidence-based supports so students, even with anxiety, can benefit from their academic environment. For each student story, we include their family’s perspective with practical strategies, worksheets, and tips for enhancing school-home communication and cooperation.

The course is available for free to all residents and workers in Los Angeles County on the Wellbeing for LA Learning Center.