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How often do you complain aloud to your family about your own stress? Though it may seem counter-intuitive, voicing your own struggles with daily stress may be the best way to help your child... read more

By Dr. Catherine Mogil

Are kids these days more anxious than in the past? This is one of the most commonly asked questions from parents, pediatricians, and teachers.

CARES Managing Director Kate Sheehan, LCSW presented “Understanding Pediatric Stress and Anxiety” at the first annual Burbank Unified School District’s Employee Wellness Symposium.

Social media has brought about amazing changes in the way we connect with others, learn about different cultures, and keep up with current events. Children today are able to connect with other... read more

The CARES team attended an all-day Trauma-Informed Yoga workshop on Wednesday, March 21 with Zahabiyah Yamasaki, M.Ed., RYT, Jody Barnes, LCSW, RYT, and Linda Crossley, MBA, MA, LMFT, RYT.

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Anxiety is feeling afraid, scared, worried, or nervous about things that might happen in the future or seem dangerous or unpredictable.

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Ashey Jupin, MS

Ms. Jupin is the Director of Communications for the UCLA CARES Center, UCLA Nathanson Family Resilience Center, and the UCLA Division of Population Behavioral Health.