Check out these resources from our CARES Center experts and other online sources for more information about childhood anxiety.

Tip Sheets and Articles

My Child's Time - Tips for spending quality time with your child

Family Flags

Butterfly Breath - A deep breathing strategy for kids

Soothing our senses - Relaxation technique

Warning Signs of Anxiety in Elementary School Children

Warning Signs of Anxiety in Teens and Tweens

Understanding School Refusal

Understanding Selective Mutism

Tips for Managing Stress

Understanding Child Development

Managing Stress Reminders

Deep Breathing for Children

How can I help my child Handle Anxiety?

How can I help my child cope with anxiety about going back to school?

My sixth grader is anxious about school. What can I do?

Anxiety: Why it's different from stress

How to talk to your kids during moments of national tragedy

Healthy Sleep Habits


Anxiety and Depression Association of America

UCLA Semel Institute – Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Yale Child Study Center Program for Anxiety Disorders

Mobile Apps

Headspace  |  Treat Your Head Right

MindShift  |  Small steps. Big Changes

Enso  |  Meditation Timer & Bell



Smiling Mind


Stop, Think & Berathe


Check out videos from around the web for more information and helpful tips.

The ABCs of Fear and Anxiety in Children

Recognizing and Treating Problematic Fear and Anxiety in Children | #UCLAMDChat Webinar

How to deal with the signs of elevated anxiety in your child

Using CBT to treat anxiety in your kids

Understanding healthy and non-healthy anxiety in children

The three components of cognitive behavioral therapy

Anxiety in toddlers: when young children show signs of an anxiety disorder