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Our experts are available in-person and virtually to schools, community centers, nonprofits, medical schools, parenting groups, camps, and more. If you support the wellbeing of children and teens, we are here to support you.

We can customize presentations to address the needs of your coworkers and the community you serve. Our talks can be adapted for any size group and any presentation length. Browse the options below to get an idea of the types of topics we are able to incorporate into your training.

Introduction to Anxiety:
Its Symptoms and Management

Most who support child wellbeing are interested in an Introduction to Childhood Anxiety. Even though childhood anxiety is the #1 child mental health disorder, awareness about the warning signs and flexible interventions for anxiety remains low. All audiences can benefit from an understanding of how anxiety affects kids and teens, awareness of the most common snares adults encounter when supporting children with anxiety. Foundational presentations can introduce a framework for confidently recognizing and responding to anxiety’s symptoms in a variety of settings. Examples are:

What is Childhood Anxiety?

Managing Difficult Behaviors

Avoidance vs. Procrastination

Recognizing and Managing Disorders:

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Attacks, Selective Mutism, Separation Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety, Performance Anxiety (e.g., sports), Test Anxiety, Tic Disorders

Parenting an Anxious Child or Teen

Parents and parenting groups often look for more in-depth presentations and seminars about the best anxiety management practices for using when at home. We offer strategies to align home to school communication and tools to support kids throughout their day. Our talks can help build a sense of community and understanding amongst parents while helping them confidently employ some counter-intuitive approaches to lower anxiety at home. Examples of these talks include: 

Raising an Anxious Child

How to Stop Letting Anxiety Win

Resilient Parenting

Launching a Socially Anxious Teen

Oppositionality at Home

Mindfulness for Anxiety Management

Getting Your Anxious Child to School

Fostering Anxiety-Informed
Classrooms and Schools

Teachers are in a unique position to recognize signs of anxiety in the classroom. Kids say their highest source of stress is school. By employing stress management techniques throughout the school day, teachers can help those students who may be struggling with anxiety while providing emotional support to the whole classroom. We can also help teachers identify those students who may need additional support or alternative approaches. Topics for educators include:

Managing Stress and Anxiety in Class

Oppositionality at School

Learning and Anxiety

Practicing Mindfulness in the Classroom

Self-Care for Teachers

Evidence-Based Clinical Approaches
for Child and Adolescent Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder. Yet anxiety can present in a variety of ways at different ages and for different kids. We provide guidance on the specifics of subclinical anxiety, what to consider when addressing patient needs, and practical strategies for everyday use. These topics include:

Identifying Childhood Anxiety

Anxiety & Eating Disorders

Evidence-Based Skills to Teach Parents

Medication & Therapy: Evidence for Best Practices in Treatment

Providing Psychoeducation to Parents and Kids

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