Finding a Therapist Webinar

About Anxiety Series

Finding a Therapist:

A Webinar to Help Parents Look For, Find, and Choose a Therapist for Their Child

Recorded on June 21, 2022

Resources mentioned in the webinar:

Effective Child Therapy

The UCLA EMPWR Program: Promoting Wellbeing & Resilience in LGBTQ Mental Health

AAKOMA Project

Therapy 4 the People

Lab for Scalable Mental Health


Therapy for Black Girls

Are you looking for a therapist for your child?

This webinar will help caregivers better understand the mental health system in the United States and how to find a therapist for their child. We will review different levels of mental health care, roles mental health professionals play, and where to begin a search for a child therapist. Caregivers will walk away with questions to consider when looking for a therapist, greater awareness about different types of child therapy, and knowledge about what to expect in initial treatment sessions. 

Learning objectives
  • To broadly understand the youth mental health system in the United States  
  • Understand the different roles of mental health professionals and to identify evidence-based treatments  
  • To understand what to consider when selecting a child therapist 
Who would benefit from attending this webinar?
  • Caregivers that have concerns about their child’s mental health 
  • Caregivers interested in finding a mental health provider for their child   

This webinar is for educational purposes only. It is not a replacement for treatment. If you are concerned about your own or your child’s anxiety, please speak with your primary care physician or contact Teenline Find more options for treatment at

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Meet the Presenter

Zabin Patel

Zabin is a predoctoral psychology intern at the UCLA Semel Institute, in the general track, training with the CARES Center. She received her Masters in Public Health from the University of Illinois at Chicago and will soon graduate with her PhD in clinical child Psychology from the University of Miami. She is interested in researching and finding ways to increase access to mental health care for children.