Social Media Privileges During COVID-19

Before COVID-19, our days were fairly structured, and families had reasonable certainty about what was coming each day.  With the current situation, uncertainty is much higher, and building routines during this “new normal” takes some adjusting. Sheltering in place has limited outdoor activities and left some notable gaps for free time, causing many families toContinue reading “Social Media Privileges During COVID-19”

Staying Calm and Connected During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Video Games Can Help

Everyone can agree that our world has changed. With the uncertainties of the Coronavirus pandemic looming large, children and families feel a loss of control. Children are seeing a lot of unsettling news and seeing it frequently. Most children take cues from parents to help them regulate their reactions to frightening events, but in thisContinue reading “Staying Calm and Connected During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Video Games Can Help”

Ayudando a los niños manejar la ansiedad durante una pandemia

La ansiedad prospera en la incertidumbre. Estos son tiempos inciertos. Podemos esperar que nuestros hijos sientan más ansiedad que la habitual durante la pandemia de COVID 19. Para los niños con trastornos de ansiedad, los temores y lo incierto pueden llegar a ser abrumadores. Los padres, los educadores y otros adultos atentos pueden ayudar aContinue reading “Ayudando a los niños manejar la ansiedad durante una pandemia”

Parenting an Anxious Child Through a Divorce

Many children have anxiety that gets in the way of everyday functioning, and some of those children have parents who will divorce.  While all kids will face problems during a divorce, these issues can be even worse for children already struggling with anxiety, and these issues can mark a particularly critical point in a child’s emotionalContinue reading “Parenting an Anxious Child Through a Divorce”

Coming From a Place of Care

As the school year progresses, you may notice your child’s assignments getting larger or more complex. Exams and projects can add to your student’s workload and make life more stressful in ways that affect the whole family. All children experience challenges with certain assignments, but if you notice a pattern of frustration or stress relatedContinue reading “Coming From a Place of Care”