Day-of Test Anxiety Tips

Written by Sienna Pagett

Using strategies such as making a Sensory Toolkit and establishing a Low Anxiety Desk Space can help calm anxiety and stress while preparing for a test, but what about day-of test anxiety?

How can you best care for yourself when your body enters fight/flight/freeze mode before an exam and what are realistic ways to lower anxiety both immediately before and during an exam?

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Sensory Toolkit and Sensory Kit on the Go

Written by Sienna Pagett

Looking for an easy and fun way to help address your anxiety? Consider making your very own sensory box!

So you found yourself paralyzed by anxiety and don’t know how to move forward with a task? Maybe you often find yourself watching Netflix or scrolling on Instagram when you know you have work that needs to be done. Or maybe you keep taking naps to avoid your work.

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Creative Ways to Practice Gratitude with your Family this Holiday Season

The ongoing pandemic has not only changed our daily routines but is also impacting how we celebrate special occasions. In light of the upcoming holiday season, there is potential for all of us to feel difficult emotions, including continued uncertainty and anxiety, grief, sadness, and loneliness. It is possible that not all family members will be able to get together this holiday season or that certain traditions will not occur as planned. It is only natural for our brains to focus on the losses, struggles and hardships we have all experienced during this time.

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COVID-19 and Anxiety: How to manage and reduce anxiety during the pandemic?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic came about, we have witnessed immense societal change including quarantining at home, zoom classes, endless Netflix shows, and more. Beyond our at-home issues, we are bombarded by countless new alerts, stories about economic downturn, and re-opening issues. Seeing the amount of things happening around the world and having to stay at home, we can feel out of control and, oftentimes, overlook our mental health. However, learning about self-care and managing your stress is important to protect your physical and emotional well-being.

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Social Media Privileges During COVID-19

Before COVID-19, our days were fairly structured, and families had reasonable certainty about what was coming each day.  With the current situation, uncertainty is much higher, and building routines during this “new normal” takes some adjusting. Sheltering in place has limited outdoor activities and left some notable gaps for free time, causing many families to turn towards increased screen time.

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Staying Calm and Connected During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Video Games Can Help

Everyone can agree that our world has changed. With the uncertainties of the Coronavirus pandemic looming large, children and families feel a loss of control. Children are seeing a lot of unsettling news and seeing it frequently. Most children take cues from parents to help them regulate their reactions to frightening events, but in this case, many parents also share a sense of uneasiness. Video games may be an unexpected answer to a child’s increasing anxiety.

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Helping Kids Manage Anxiety During a Pandemic

Anxiety thrives on uncertainty. These are uncertain times. We can expect our children to feel more than the usual amount of anxiety during the COVID 19 pandemic. For kids with anxiety disorders, fears and unknowns may become overwhelming. Parents, educators, and other caring adults can help guide children into successful anxiety management strategies.

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Ayudando a los niños manejar la ansiedad durante una pandemia

La ansiedad prospera en la incertidumbre. Estos son tiempos inciertos. Podemos esperar que nuestros hijos sientan más ansiedad que la habitual durante la pandemia de COVID 19. Para los niños con trastornos de ansiedad, los temores y lo incierto pueden llegar a ser abrumadores. Los padres, los educadores y otros adultos atentos pueden ayudar a guiar a los niños hacia estrategias de manejo de la ansiedad exitosas.

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Tips for Getting the Most out of an Online Therapy Session

Whether you have been going to therapy for a while or are endeavoring to try it for the first time, a video therapy session is a bit different than meeting in person in both expected and unexpected ways. While both have their pros and cons, neither format is necessarily better than the other. If you choose to try online, here are some considerations for making the most of your therapy session.

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